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Why our CEO is at the Bottom

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Take A Glance At Our Meet The Team Page, And You’ll Notice Something Different.

Most companies place their CEO at the top of their website ― not at Wil-Clair. John Svetlecic, Wil-Clair’s CEO, knows that this isn’t a one man show. Without his team of experts, he wouldn’t have a business to run in the first place.

Most days, John is at his desk corresponding with vendors and calculating expenses. When interviewed by B.E. Marketing, Svetlecic explained “Those guys out there, they’re the one’s meeting with clients. They’re the face of Wil-Clair.” Svetlecic believes that he doesn’t belong at the top of the Meet The Team page because he believes his role is equally significant as his latest recruit. Every person he brings on plays an instrumental role in the success of the business. Without his team of employees, Wil-Clair would be unable to serve as Kansas City’s finest sheet metal shop.

Coming Face-To-Face

“When people visit our website, I want them to recognize the people they’re going to be working with.” says Svetlecic. The team at Wil-Clair believes in providing their customers with an in-person consultation. This approach may seemed old-fashioned, but the results that it produces are unlike any other in the industry. Wil-Clair isn’t afraid to meet with their clients. They don’t just want to hurry a project out the door, they want to hear the story behind what they’re making. This strategy has helped Wil-Clair consistently produce high-quality products for nearly two decades.

Happy Employees Means Better Customer Service

There’s no doubt that John has played an irreplaceable role since starting the business in 1999, but he doesn’t let his CEO title get in the way of doing right by his employees and his customers. Svetlecic has created a positive company culture at Wil-Clair. His employees are happy to come to work, and they give their best effort to every project they work on. In turn, his customers receive a high quality item.

Look No Further For All Your Sheet Metal Needs

If you’re looking for a full-service sheet metal shop, the team at Wil-Clair would be honored to serve you.  We are passionate about the work we do, and we will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a team member at (816) 471-0141.


(Above: CEO John Svetlecic)


Content by: B.E. Marketing


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