Accurate and Professional Tile Cutting.

Here at Wil-Clair Sheet Metal, we take pride in offering our customers a wide array of services. Whether that be through certified welding, plasma cutting, bending metal or anything else, our team is always here to help! Given that we receive inquiries to cut and work with a number of different materials, we also like to provide flexibility in terms of the various projects we can take on. Having said that, one popular type of material is tile! Unsurprisingly, tile can serve quite a few different usages in both residential and commercial settings. As such, in addition to our regular sheet metal fabrication services, our team is also pleased to offer tile cutting services.

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Utilizing Waterjet Technology to Cut Tile.

While cutting porcelain floor tile manually is certainly common, our team uses a five-axis waterjet machine to provide a unique approach to this process. The key part to emphasize there is "five-axis," which truly is what separates it from traditional waterjet cutting. For those unfamiliar with this terminology, five-axis waterjet cutting allows our team to cut at quicker speeds, enhanced accuracy, with less abrasive used and the ability to access a cutting range of 0-60 degrees. Trust us, the possibilities are seemingly endless with this amazing technology!

Why should you consider utilizing five-axis waterjet cutting for your next tile project?

Flawless Finished Products
Tile is the perfect example of a material where aesthetics and appearance play a major role! No matter if it be for a residential bathroom remodel or an extensive commercial project, you're going to want (and expect) pristine cuts, right? A major reason why we've utilized the five-axis waterjet machine for tile cutting is because of the ability to prevent any flaking or chipping of the tile. This is all possible through the new pump technology. The finished product is a stunning piece of tile that we're sure you'll love!
Quick Cutting Speeds
We already briefly mentioned this advantage above, but felt it was definitely worth mentioning again! Having worked with thousands of customers over the years, we understand you don't always have a lot of time to wait for your project to be completed. As such, thanks to the elite cutting speeds of the five-axis waterjet, our team is able to improve our internal efficiency and ultimately complete orders of all sizes in a timely manner. No matter if it's for one part or a hundred parts, we're here to make sure your project doesn't miss any important deadlines!
Material Flexibility and Cutting Range
Two of the most notable benefits of five-axis waterjet technology are the ability to cut several different types of material (tile, glass, plastic, stainless steel, wood, you name it!) and make cuts from 0-60 degrees. While the first part of this statement is rather straightforward, the expansive cutting range presents a plethora of possibilities in its own right. In fact, did you know it's possible to even cut complex 3-D parts with this strategy!

Past Project Photos.

Since opening our shop in 1999, our team has had the opportunity to work with so many amazing customers and businesses over the years. From small jobs to large projects, we're extremely thankful for everyone that's trusted us with their fabrication needs. One project that included a tile cutting element was the baptismal font fabrication and center aisle renovation at St. Patrick's Parish in Kansas City, MO.

While this project was comprised of a few different elements (including heliarc welding, aluminum engraving and more), we also cut tile for accent pieces in the center aisle and as components on the baptismal font itself. Check out the photos below to see examples of this project. All of the tile was 1/4" thick and for the center aisle accent pieces, we maintained a consistent 3/16" grout line for the rest of the tile to be installed. All in all, the finished project was stunning and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to assist on this amazing transformation!

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